Customer Care

Q1. What products and services do Osprey windows offer?

A. Osprey provide a wide spectrum of products to improve your home and help make it less maintenance intense. From replacement windows and doors using PVCu and aluminium through to conservatories, roofline and gutters, secondary glazing, garage doors, canopies, and various window repairs, servicing and refurbishment to your existing windows

Q2. Do Osprey windows eliminate condensation?

A. Osprey windows do provide superior insulation, but unfortunately we are not able to guarantee the elimination of condensation in your home. Condensation issues vary from property to property and it is very difficult to predict the effective removal of condensation. Very occasionally condensation can occur on the outside of Osprey windows, this is purely down to the fact that the insulation is so good that very little heat is escaping through your glass to heat up the outer pane.

Q3. How much is does a standard Osprey window or door cost?

A. At Osprey we pride ourselves on pricing our windows to give maximum value for money. The styles and fittings we use will depend on how you need to use our products and therefore we don’t seem to have a standard window or door! Each one is priced to your required specification and needs.

Q4. How much cleaning will I have to do after the installation?

A. Osprey fitting teams all carry plenty of dust sheets, cleaning equipment and vacuum cleaners. Osprey fitters consider cleaning up during an installation as part of the work, not as a quick rush round with a duster!

Q5. Are Osprey window and door locks secure?

A. Absolutely. We only have finest quality multipoint locks, interlocking hinges and locking handles , we also offer security upgrades for any particularly vulnerable situations.

Q6. How long does my Osprey warranty last?

A. The Osprey window/ door warranty is a limited 10 year warranty covering white profiles and 7 years for woodgrain foils. These periods apply to frames, double glazed units and workmanship. Handles, locks and fittings are covered with a no quibble 5 year warranty. Windows and doors are not maintenance free, but with a little care and the odd spot of lubrication the fittings will last well beyond any warranty periods we offer. For garage doors, roofline products and canopies we pass on all the manufacturers warranties to the customer , each product will carry a different warranty.

The majority of our installations also have the warranty supported by a Home Pro Insurance Backed Warranty . This is a service that protects your deposit and will honour our warranty to you.

Q7. How long does it take for Osprey to fit my order?

A. We will discuss with you a date for your installation at the time you place your order. The lead period can depend on the products you order and the current level of work on our books , but typically our delivery times are around 3 weeks in the winter and up to 8 weeks at our busiest months. Rest assured that when we commit to an installation date we do our level best to keep it.

You can also be assured that if for any reason we cannot attend ( the recent snow and ice for example ) we will contact you to discuss the issue. Osprey will not leave you in the lurch.

Q8. Will I get a pushy salesman?

A. Osprey windows do not employ commission salesmen. A director of the company will visit to discuss your requirements and will then generally price your quotation using our office computers. We will not overstay our welcome and we will not pull outdated sales stunts to trick you into an order. Our quotations will follow by first class post with supporting sketches or documentation as appropriate. While we dearly want your business we will not pester you on the phone chasing an order from you.

Q9. Do Osprey have sales offers and discounts?

A. Osprey windows quote for each customer based on the merits of the work involved. We do not inflate our prices to offer bogus ’scrappage allowances’ nor do we offer spurious ’buy one get one free’ promotions

Q10. What accreditations do Osprey windows have?

A. Please click on this link to see our awards and accreditation’s

Q11. How do I keep my new Osprey products clean?

A. Generally we recommend warm soapy water to clean our products, but sometimes proprietary cleaners such as ’for frames or ’Muscle glass cleaner’ for example. Please ensure that any cleaning agents you use are suitable on our products. We also recommend removing personal jewellery before cleaning as this can scratch glass quite easily.

Special care must also be taken if your products have any self cleaning element to it ie Pilkington Active glass

Q12. Do Osprey windows reduce the noise coming in from outside?

A. Osprey windows can be designed around noise insulation as well as heat insulation . We can provide specialist glasses to reduce noise transfer in new windows and also provide secondary windows which are often required in buildings in conservation areas or even listed buildings.